SiteGround Monthly Plan

I’m a huge fan of using SiteGround for my sites that get a lot of traffic.

However, it is a little pricier compared to some of the cheaper shared hosts, so I get a lot of people asking me:

  • Is there a SiteGround monthly plan?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to set up monthly payments if you want to use SiteGround for their hosting plans.

Even the cheaper web hosts, such as Bluehost, don’t offer a monthly payment plan either.

However, although you have to pay yearly, the monthly costs aren’t actually that bad once you average it out.

On average, with SiteGround, you would only be paying $3.95 every month, except you just pay it all upfront.

Paying for your hosting for the year upfront is a good idea to begin with, because it means you’re setting something up for the long term and aren’t creating some fly-by-night website that you just plan to spam for a month or two before ditching.

Plus, if you’re serious about becoming a professional blogger or making money online, then the yearly cost shouldn’t be a problem because you’ll hopefully be able to earn it back before the year is up.

For the year at $3.95 per month you’re looking at a total cost of just $47 or so, and if you can’t afford that then you should probably get a job or do some Fiverr gigs until you can put that kind of money together for hosting.

The companies that do offer monthly hosting are going to cost you a lot more money and you could easily pay $10 or more per month if you didn’t want to pay upfront for the yearly cost.

It’s not like you’re not getting anything in return either – SiteGround is a fast website hosting service (one of my main sites saw a huge boost in speed) and they boast an impressive uptime rating of 99.99% (my sites with them never go down).

The upfront pricing really helps to save you money, especially if you’re taking your website seriously, and once you pay you don’t have to worry about it for another entire year.

I don’t even like having to pay for any web services monthly because it’s just one more thing I need to worry about, so for me it’s way easier to pay upfront and then worry about it again a year later.

To be honest, SiteGround is one of my favorite web hosts and since using them I haven’t experienced any issues at all with any of my sites hosted on their servers.

The customer support is also really awesome and they have a wide range of different plans to choose from depending on what your traffic is like and what your site requirements are.

Head over to SiteGround and check out their plans and pricing!

SiteGround Monthly Plan Insights

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Although there aren’t any monthly plans for SiteGround hosting, there is some information I’d like to share with you about them to help put you at ease about paying for the year upfront.

The SiteGround Billing Cycles

With SiteGround there are 3 different billing cycles that you can choose from depending on your budget and your long-term plans.

The cycles are:

  • 12-months (1 year)
  • 24-months (2 years)
  • 36-months (3 years)

The longer billing cycle that you decide to go with the cheapest that your monthly cost will be.

Since I knew I was going to be keeping my sites up for a while and I wanted to save as much money as I could, I opted for the three year plan and it’s what I recommend for you to do as well.

One thing that I really love about SiteGround is that even though they really don’t have a trial period, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

This makes it even more practical to try them out and to see if you like the hosting service they provide, because if you don’t like it you can just get your money back and transfer your website to a different host.

SiteGround Hosting Plans

SiteGround Hosting Plans

There are a few different types SiteGround hosting plans that you can go with, although for beginners I would recommend starting with the shared hosting options.

The plans are as follows:

  • StartUp Plan – $3.95 per month ($47 yearly)
  • GrowBig Plan – $5.95 per month ($71 yearly)
  • GoGeek Plan – $11.95 per month ($143 yearly)

With the StartUp plan you get to host just one website and it’s a good choice if you get less than 10,000 monthly visits.

The GrowBig plan is a good idea for mid range sites that get less than 25,000 monthly visits and you can use this plan with multiple websites.

The GoGeek plan is for bigger websites that get up to 100,000 monthly visits and it can also be used with multiple websites.

Considering what you get for the price, I consider these monthly plans to be quite competitive compared to some of the lesser quality hosts out there.

SiteGround Servers and Technology

Another reason why SiteGround is such a great hosting company and why they are constantly chosen as one of the best web hosts is because they are designed from the bottom up to provide the websites that they’re hosting with fast speed and reliability.

The servers that they use are designed to be fast and this really helps your users experience, which ultimately leads to your website getting higher rankings compared to those that are using slower hosts.

The reason the hosting is so fast is because SiteGround takes advantage of SSD drives that helps to keep the server hardware as fast as possible and they use NGINX speed services to provide your website content with fast loading time.

On the back end, SiteGround is also using Cloudflare, and this helps to deliver your content to your website visitors from the data centre that is closest to them rather than pulling it from somewhere halfway around the world and causing them to wait.

Even when your website visitors are browsing your content, they’re able to enjoy fast browsing speeds thanks to the HTTP/2 capability.

web hosting uptime

The data centres are well equipped, they take advantage of enterprise class UPS-tech for the hardware, and they use their own power generators which help to keep up-time at high levels throughout the year.

All of these different features result in the servers remaining quite stable and even under heavy traffic loads your website will still continue to run smoothly.

Another good thing about SiteGround is that you can actually choose a specific server location depending on where your traffic is coming from so that your site speeds are optimized locally and that your visitors are able to browse your content quickly.

SiteGround Customer Service

Customer Service

Apart from everything else, it’s the great customer service that really helps SiteGround to stand out from the competition and why I would recommend it even if you’re looking for a host with monthly plans.

When I first signed up, I had someone help me through the website transfer process from start to finish and even whenever I have any questions about my website, the live chat is always available and the customer service reps are really quick to answer.

It’s not often that you find reliable 24 hour customer support and any time I’ve had to deal with a representative, they have always done all that they could do to help me out with my issues.

Get Started with SiteGround Right Away!

Setting up a website with SiteGround is really easy and you can be up and running in no time at all.

To get started:

  • Visit and click on the “ WordPress Services” at the top of the screen and select “WordPress Hosting”.
  • Choose the plan you want, I recommend the StartUp plan if you’re a beginner.
  • Input your domain name choice and if the domain that you want is available then follow through with the prompts until you get to the registration screen.
  • Enter in all of your relevant payment and account information.
  • Follow through with the payment prompts and make sure that everything is accurate before submitting your information.
  • Now, select the WordPress pre-install option and add the information for your WordPress login.
  • Choose the template you want and follow through with the rest of the installation prompts.
  • Once WordPress is installed, log into your account and get to work on your website!


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