Digital Marketing Services and SEO for Small Businesses

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More than 90% of people use search engines to find products and services nearby?

Does your website rank on the first page?

If not, that’s a lot of leads and revenue are missing out on.

Let’s change that!

Let me help you make your website more profitable and more visible online by generating targeted traffic and warm leads from search engines.

Thanks to more than six years of experience in digital marketing I’m able to develop, optimize, and implement an up-to-date SEO strategy for your small business website.

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

Google analytics as one of the results for a search engine query

I’ll analyze your current SEO performance, keywords, and digital marketing goals.

Then we’ll work together to develop a custom SEO strategy that will help to rank your website on the first page of Google.

Results Oriented SEO

There’s no point in focusing on the number of backlinks or hours spent working on projects.

Instead, let’s deal with the metrics you actually care about.

Ranking improvements, increasing website traffic, and new qualified leads are some of the results of an SEO strategy that’s working.

This translates into higher revenue and more money in your pocket that you can use to grow your business even further.

Technical SEO

Some website ranking issues aren’t easy to find and fix.

Slow website speed, content issues, over optimization, caching and indexing issues, poor website structure – these are just some of the technical SEO issues we’re able to alleviate.

I find and fix the issues typically overlooked by general SEO guidelines and SEO tools.

Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)

The Google analytics dashboard showing visitors traffic bounce rate and other search metrics

Small businesses offering services in specific cities or regions need to have an optimized Google map location, an optimized Google My Business listing, and should be focusing on online reputation management from day one.

For local searches, Google shows results from Google Maps and displays websites based on local proximity.

Your small business needs to be implementing an effective local SEO strategy to rank in local markets and dominate the competition.

Here’s how I can help you out with local SEO:

  • Creating a profile and verifying your business on Google Maps and Google My Business
  • Writing an optimized description that uses Google’s latest guidelines to rank your profiles for local keywords and services
  • Analyzing your submissions in local directories (citations) and determining your local ranking on Google Maps to design a custom local SEO strategy
  • Creating profiles for local directories, map services, forums, business profiles, and ensuring that contact information is consistent across these platforms
  • Monitoring and continually improving the online reputation of your business
  • Optimizing submissions and descriptions, business entities, and working with reviews to improve the online visibility of your small business

Online Reputation Management

google reviews

Are negative or inaccurate reviews on local directories and on Google search results damaging your company name or hurting your business?

Let’s work together to recover your brand name online and start generating positive reviews from past clients or customers.

My comprehensive online reputation management solutions for small businesses will help you promote a positive image and generate positive reviews.

Hire Me Today – Let’s Dominate Your Local Marketplace!

Whether you’re looking for a customized local SEO solution or you need help with a small business digital marketing strategy – I’ll make sure your web project will provide you with the return you expect.

Contact me today and let’s build you a powerful online web presence!