How to Install WordPress on Your Namecheap Hosted Website

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Whenever I set up a new domain and register my hosting it always takes me a little while to remember how to install WordPress properly depending on which host that I’m using.

In this post I want to go over how to install WordPress on your Namecheap hosted website so that you can use this tutorial as a quick guide to getting your website live and indexed on the internet.

For beginners, this might seem like a daunting process but after you do it a few times it’s very straightforward and hardly takes any time at all to go through the different steps.

As for Namecheap, it’s what I use to buy all my domains and I also use it for my hosting for most of my new web sites because I find it to be quite fast, reliable, and I really love the customer support.

All right, with the introductory basics out of the way, let’s get started!

Installing WordPress on Namecheap

  1. Log into Your cPanel

    hosting welcome guideAfter signing up for hosting you’re going to get an email from Namecheap that’s basically a getting started guide on how you can access your cPanel and start exploring the back end of your new hosting plan.

    In the welcome guide, scroll down to “cPanel Access” and you should see two different links that you can click to access your cPanel URL as well as a username and password that you can use to login.

    I recommend changing the password as soon as you get a chance but for now we’ll just go ahead and get WordPress installed so you can start blogging and sharing your content online.

  2. Find the Softaculous Installer

    cpanel home page
    Once you log in you’re going to want to scroll down past all of the different icons until you find the section labeled “Softaculous Apps Installer”.
    Here you should see the large WordPress icon along with a few other icons for other content management systems that you can use for your hosting depending on what your preferences are.

  3. Follow through to the WordPress Installation Page
    wordpress installation
    What you want to do now is click on the WordPress icon and you’ll be brought to the installation page.

    You’re going to see a bunch of different options along the menus at the top and side, ignore these for now, and near the bottom right of the screen you want to click on the big blue “Install Now” button.

  4. Add Your Site Information

    software setupAfter you click on the installation button you’re going to want to domain that you want to install WordPress on.

    You can find this under the drop-down menu for “Choose Domain” and he simply want to choose the newest domain that doesn’t have anything installed yet or whichever one you want to start using WordPress with.
    admin changes
    Keep on scrolling and make sure to fill out the relevant information underneath “Site Settings” as well as your email account access information underneath “Admin Account”.

    At the bottom you can choose a different theme but for now I recommend leaving it as the default option and going with a better WordPress theme later on once the website is set up and ready to go.

  5. Follow Through with Installation

    After clicking on the install button you simply need to just follow through with the rest of the installation and your WordPress should be completely installed after just a few moments depending on your internet speed.

    Depending on how long ago you purchased the domain and signed up for hosting you should be able to log in right away or within 24 hours if everything still have to propagate.

  6. Log-In to Your WordPress Admin
    wordpress admin login

    You can now access of the back-end of your new WordPress installation so that you can start adding content to your site, changing the theme, and just getting your website up and running.

    To do this you simply need to visit and this will bring you to the WordPress home page where you can start fiddling around with different settings and moving forward with new content and new design.

Finishing Up

It really is that easy and while it might seem daunting the first time it gets easier every time you do it afterwards.

Don’t worry if you just installed WordPress after setting up your domain and hosting if it’s still not working, sometimes it can take up to 48 hours for everything to start working properly.

If after 48 hours you are still experiencing some issues than simply contact the Namecheap support and I’m sure they’ll be able to guide you in the right direction.

Otherwise, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions down below or leave any comments if you have any concerns or issues with your installation.

Happy blogging!


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