How to Increase Your Adsense Earnings in 2018

make money with google adsense

Display advertisements are one of the easiest ways to make passive income with your blog or website.

You basically write some great content, drive traffic to it, throw up some ads, and then start earning that sweet cash!

There’s definitely some work involved but that’s basically all there is to it.

These days Adsense is one of the most popular ad networks for beginners and knowing how to increase your Adsense earnings effectively can help you to make more money online in the long run.

Most bloggers are likely going to use Google’s ad network at one point or another and although there are some great alternatives that might earn you more, Adsense is a good choice when you’re just getting started and if you’re looking to work with a reliable company.

Keep in mind that you’re going to need a lot of traffic to earn a living with just display ads and even earning $100 per day with Adsense might take quite a while depending on your SEO, blogging, and traffic generation skills.

Regardless of where you are in your blogging journey, today I want to share with you some helps tips on increasing Adsense earnings so you can start making more money from your blog or website.

Helpful Tips on How to Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings

Upload High Quality Content

creating a wordpress website

For most websites and blogs the content you’re putting out is one of the most important aspects of getting more traffic and earning more money with ads.

Quality content is typically in-depth and provides a lot of value to your readers rather than something short and cursory.

All of the best blogs you’ll come across are going to be filled with amazing content and that’s probably one of the main reason why they’re so popular to begin with.

Having a lot of quality content on your site is going to result in more traffic and people spending more time on your blog/site while checking out different pages.

This means your ads are going to get seen by more eyeballs and have more impressions in the long run compared to if you were just throwing up bad content and hoping for the best.

So, how do you create great content that Google is going to love?

Personally, I use the popular Skyscraper technique to find great content ideas and promote my posts once I’m done writing them.

This technique is quite simple and has just 3 easy steps:

  1. Find content that’s already popular in your niche/blogging community
  2. Add value to the content and make it better, longer, more in-depth, etc
  3. Promote your finished piece to people that have already linked to or shared similar content

It really is that simple – you just have to put in the work!

There are plenty of helpful guides and case studies online that show how effective the Skyscraper technique really is so check those out if you’re looking for some proof or help on how to implement it.

Finding popular content to re-create and increase the value of is also pretty easy.

To do this you just need to search for keyword/topics related to your blog or website and run the top posts through a backlink checker tool such as Ahrefs.

You could also use a tool like Buzzsumo to see the content that has been shared the most on social media and this will also help you to come up with blog post ideas.

Why should you create a content rich site?

For starters, Google and other search engines love websites and blogs that are full of great content.

Once they determine that users find your site helpful or are spending a lot of time browsing your blog they’ll start to rank you higher in the SERPs and this will result in you gaining more and more traffic.

Great content is also easier to build link to as other people are more likely to link to something in-depth, well-written, and super helpful.

Overall, having great content is one of the easiest ways to make money with Adsense and to improve your earnings in the long run.

Use the Best Adsense Ad Placements

Following the guidelines that are laid out in the Adsense policies, you’ll know that you are able to use 3 separate ad units as well as 3 link units and 2 search boxes all at the same time on each page that you’re displaying ads on.

When you’re first getting started I actually don’t recommend using each of these units and it’s a good idea to just use one or two different types at the beginning where you can then implement more in the future as your website or blog continues to grow.

Regardless of how many of the units you’re using, unless you’re taking advantage of the best placement for adsense ads you’re leaving money on the table and there’s always room for improvement.

It’s a good idea to have at least one ad located right above the fold so that your visitors are going to see it right away which is going to result in a better click through rate and more money in your pocket.

Again, remember not to go overboard here because you don’t want too many advertisements popping up or being annoying for your users so it’s a good idea to go for a more subtle placement.

Apart from above the fold, you should also consider adding some ad units at the top of the sidebar, preferably on the left hand side, and also somewhere in the content further down into the blog post or website layout.

I only use the more common ad units but there are definitely people having a lot of success using the link units and the search boxes as well so you’re going to want to consider using those to help you make more money in the long run.

Having the right placement is definitely going to increase your Adsense CTR and as long as more people are able to see the ads then your income is definitely going to rise.

Feel free to check out any of the following posts on the best placement for your display advertisements:


Implement SEO from the Beginning

quora case study

This is something that you should already be doing but from the beginning you want to be implementing search engine optimization as a way to get more website traffic and also to increase your Adsense earnings.

Choosing not to use SEO is just shooting yourself in the foot and avoiding it is going to make it a lot harder to get any substantial amounts of traffic or even make any money from your website.

Learning basic SEO skills isn’t that hard, even if you just started a blog and you really don’t have much of an idea of what’s going on, and it’s definitely a skill that pays dividends in the long term so it’s very much worth learning optimize your blog or website properly.

Not only do you want to be writing good content but you also want to make sure that your content includes specific keywords and search terms that you want to rank for and that your website is also well designed to help encourage a positive user experience.

There are quite a bit of other ranking factors that you don’t really need to worry about right away and regardless of where you are in your blogging or website journey I would recommend reading up on some SEO guides and how to start optimizing properly.

Without going too in-depth, here are some quick tips that you can start taking advantage of right away to improve your site and get more search traffic:

  • Keep Your Visitors in Mind

The visitor experience is one of the most important things you should be worried about so you want your website to load quickly and you don’t want to bother people with annoying pop ups or redirects all the time.

You also want to avoid keyword stuffing and make sure that your content flows naturally and is easy to read.

  • Use Longtail Keywords

A great way to drive more traffic and rank for more search terms is to use as many longtail keywords and relevant phrases in your content that you can.

For example, one of your target keywords might be “hotels in NYC” but in the same post you should also be targeting phrases such as “cheap hotels in Manhattan” or “NYC budget boutique hotels”.

Usually these longtail keywords and phrases are going to be easier to rank for and will start to bring you traffic right away while you build authority and link-build until you’re able to rank for more competitive keywords.

  • Build Links from the Start

After posting a few different blog posts you should start to build links almost right away rather than waiting and hoping for the best.

You just need a few pieces of high quality content that you’re proud of and comfortable sharing with others and once you have that you can start doing some outreach and building links on your own.

Link building is definitely one of the most effective ways of increasing website or blog traffic when you’re just getting started and Google is also going to rank you better the more quality links that you have pointing to your content.

Like I mentioned up above, the Skyscraper technique is would I use for finding content ideas as well as for building links so I recommend checking that out for some inspiration and guidance.

  • Use the Right Blogging Tools

Even if you’re on a budget, it can be worth it to invest some money into different blogging and SEO tools to help you out with your ranking battle against your competitors.

When you’re first getting started I recommend going with something that offers basically everything you need in just one package.

For beginners and even more advanced bloggers I’d recommend Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is a popular blogging tool that comes with it’s own keyword research and difficulty checking tool, backlink analysis, blog post ideas, as well as plenty of other features that make it a versatile and almost essential tool for anybody hoping to make it online.

How does this help me out with Adsense?

By taking advantage of all of the different SEO tips that I just laid out you’re going to end up with more website or blog traffic and when it comes to display advertisements this is one of the most important things to focus on for making more money.

Make Sure Your Website Runs Smoothly

apple computer

Along with bad SEO, another reason why people have trouble making more money with Adsense and getting more website traffic is because their website or blog has a lot of issues with it.

By issues I mean specific things like:

  • Images that don’t have any alt tags
  • URLs that are too long
  • A very slow loading time
  • Poor design
  • Bad content

Thankfully it’s really easy to fix all of the issues rather easily and you just have to be willing to spend a little bit of time to make sure that everything is running up to speed.

There are plenty of tools that you can use to get a better idea of the different issues that your website is suffering from and to get started I recommend checking out one of the following website audit tools:

These are going to provide you with a detailed list of some of the bigger issues that your blog or website is currently experiencing and you can then head over to Google and start researching how to fix these problems.

You can also use a paid tool, such as SEMrush, and this is also going to show you the different issues that you’re going to want to take care of.

Making sure that your website is running smoothly as well as taking advantage of the many benefits of SEO is bound to result in you getting more traffic and therefore making more money with your ads.

Have a User Friendly Design

wordpress themes

One problem that a lot of beginners have is that they are opposed to investing any money into their blog or website at the start.

Not only is it a good idea to spend a little bit of money to go with a good web host but it’s equally important to buy a premium theme for a nicer looking and more user friendly website design.

Some of the free WordPress themes do look pretty good, though they definitely aren’t going to help your website stand out and many of them aren’t even responsive so they’re going to look pretty bad on mobile devices.

Another issue is that these free themes can be quite bulky so they’re going to add a little bit of time to your loading speed and you don’t have nearly as many customization options when it comes to ad placement and other useful features.

What you want to have is a website that loads quickly across all different devices from laptops to small smartphones and that also boasts a user-friendly design so that it’s easy to use while still displaying ads in a prominent position.

There are plenty of different websites that you can head to to find premium themes that are quite reasonably priced and nice looking as well.

For this I recommend checking out the following:

You really only need to spend anywhere between $30 and $70 to find a great looking theme and this is a small investment that’s going to have a very good impact on long-term ROI.

Use Text and Image Ads

When you’re going through a different display settings you want to make sure that you have your ad units enabled to display both text and image media ad types.

This helps to increase your earnings because it increases the amount of ads that are going to compete with one another to appear on your website or blog, which results in higher bids and more money in your pocket.

You should already be using both by default but if not then you just need to head on to your Adsense account and go through the following steps:

  • Click on the “My ads” tab
  • Select “Edit Ad Type” next to whichever ad that you’re displaying
  • Select the option that allows you to display both text and image ads

You’ll likely notice a difference right away because the cost per click of your ads that are being displayed will begin to increase so even if you’re not getting more traffic, you’re still going to make more money from each click.

Use the Bigger Ad Sizes

When it comes to displaying ads on your website you don’t want to be too intrusive or annoying but to increase your earnings to good idea to use some of the bigger ad sizes.

Most advertisers have the most amount of hours available for the larger ad units so not only will your visitors see a wider range of different advertisements, you’re also going to have ads displayed that pay the most per click.

To start, it’s a good idea to just change the ad sizes on single pages that are earning you the most to see if there’s a difference between how much you’re earning.

If you do happen to notice an increase in earnings then you’re going to want to go ahead and change the sizes across your entire site.

One of the biggest sizes that you should be using is in the sidebar as well as a larger ad unit  right the beginning of your content.

Have a Responsive Website

responsive website

Along with using a great looking theme you also want to make sure that your website is completely responsive and optimized for mobile users.

Not too long ago Google came out with an update that penalized websites that weren’t mobile-friendly and it’s a good idea to make sure that any mobile users are able to use your website or blog without any problems.

There are plenty of responsive themes to choose from and it’s really as easy as installing a theme that’s mobile optimized so that anyone visiting your content on a smartphone or tablet is able to have a good viewing experience.

A responsive website is also going to display your ads properly rather than stretching them out or having them not displayed at all so if you’re not currently optimized for mobile users then you will definitely see an earnings increase once you switch over to something responsive.

This is also why it’s a good idea to use in-content ads as well as those on the sidebar because the sidebar ads will usually be displayed at the very bottom of your post so mobile users are more likely to stumble onto the in-content ones and click through them.

This is an easy fix and in 2017 and moving into the future there’s no reason why your website or blog shouldn’t be responsive.

Do Some A/B Testing

Once you have established some baseline traffic and you’re already making money with Adsense you definitely going to want to consider doing some A/B split testing.

When you’re split testing, you’re going to want to try out different ad types and positions to see how everything performs on the same page.

This is going to give you great insight into the placement and ad types that work the best and make you the most money with the same levels of traffic so that you can further optimize your site in the future for higher earnings.

You can even do some split testing with different types of content to see which works best for you as well and what’s going to result in better earnings in the future.

Publish Fresh Content

Having great quality content is just one part of the content puzzle and it’s a good idea to make sure that you are publishing fresh content on a regular basis as well.

New content is going to give your current readers another reason to return and is also going to help you increase your website or blog visibility to new audiences.

Along with adding new content to your blog or website on a regular basis you should also be going back and uploading any old pages or posts that you have to make sure that they’re relevant and still driving traffic.

To find any outdated or  underperforming posts or pages you can head into Google Analytics and check to see which content you have that doesn’t get much traffic that you could definitely improve on.

It’s also easier to share new blog posts on social media and fresh content is preferred when you’re doing outreach for building links or social promotion rather than something old that isn’t as relevant anymore.

Block General Categories

block general categories on adsense

This is more of a technical Adsense “hack”, and by that I mean you’re going to have to head into the backend of your account and change some settings.

Basically, some display ad categories are going to have much higher CPCs compared to others, and some might even have a higher CTR compared to others, so it’s not ideal to be using every single available category on your site.

Simply put, all of the “safe” categories have already been selected by Google for you to use with your content and you’re going to need to go through the categories and get rid of any that have higher impressions but not as much revenue/earnings.

You can split-test at this time as well to see if any of the changes you’re making are having a positive or detrimental impact on how much you’re earning and you can always go back and make some changes.

Consider Some Alternatives


Apart from Adsense, you should also consider using one of the many alternatives to see if they’re able to earn more for you and the traffic you’re getting.

Google isn’t the only player in the game when it comes to display advertising and I recommend looking into the alternatives to determine if what they’re offering is going to be better for you in the long run.

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