The 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for 2019

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For those of you that have applied to Google AdSense and unfortunately had your application rejected, rather than just giving up you’re going to be much better off by trying out one of the many Google AdSense Alternatives available these days.

Google might be the most popular and well-known online advertising network but it’s definitely not the only fish in the sea and they’re really are quite a few different options to choose from if you didn’t get approved or if you’re just looking for something different.

There’s even plenty of evidence online that shows that other ad networks pay better than AdSense so even if you’re currently having a good time with Google you still might want to consider one of the many alternatives just to see how it works out for you.

It’s unfortunate, but a lot of new bloggers without an aged or a serious amount of traffic for some reason don’t get their AdSense applications approved and it can be pretty disappointing, especially as a beginner to get rejected by such a large network.

Google is really starting to clamp down on their review process for applications and although many people believe it’s the best advertising network to choose from, there are quite a few people that disagree.

For those of you that happened to get rejected during the AdSense application process or if you happened to get banned, then you’re definitely going to want to check out some of the alternatives to AdSense that I recommend down below.

All of these are viable options, with some being better than others, but they’re all good networks but you can use to monetize your website traffic through display advertising.

The Best Alternatives to Google AdSense


Media.Net is one of the most popular AdSense alternatives and it’s used by millions of website users all around the world including some heavy hitter sites that get huge amounts of organic traffic everyday.

This is a contextual ad network that’s the Bing and Yahoo competitor against what Google has to offer and it’s definitely one of them more reliable and easier to use networks there is.

Getting started is very straightforward, there is a simple sign-up process and once your website is approved you’ll be introduced to a dedicated ad manager and you can start adding the advertisements to your website.

I’m going to go into a detailed review in a different post but this network allows you to use fully customized ad units that can be designed to fit in very well with the overall appearance and theme of your website or blog.

You can even work with your account manager to further customize your ads so that whatever is displayed to your users or viewers is highly targeted and relevant, leading to more clicks for you and more profit for both the network and you as well.

One more interesting feature is that will also display ads on mobile phones and tablets, which helps to further increase your reach and gives you more impressions across a range of different devices.



With more than 10 billion geo-targeted ad impressions being provided online every month, Adsterra is a high-quality and reliable advertising network that’s definitely worth considering.

Depending on the different advertisements that you want to display, you can choose from a variety of different popular formats that will work on your website or blog as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

These different formats include:

  • Standard banners
  • Pushups
  • Pop-unders
  • Interstitial ads
  • Sliders
  • Direct links

Regardless of where your website traffic is coming from, Adsterra boasts a great ad fill rate for a variety of global traffic and there are plenty of advertisers currently working with them so that you can still use display ads for almost every online niche or topic.

As for payments, publishers can expect biweekly payments and the system uses a range of different major payment systems.

After signing up, you’ll be provided with a personal account manager that will help you get started as well help to optimize your ads so even for beginners you don’t have to worry about much.

Two more other interesting features that I want to mention include that with Adsterra you’re able to enjoy real-time statistics for better analytics as well as a 5% referral program if you’re looking to promote the network to your friends or viewers.



I’ve known about Infolinks forever and these days they work with nearly 150,000 different websites serving ads on a daily basis.

This network works very well if you have a website that is content heavy because a lot of the ads that they use are in-text ad links.

The way that the in-text links work is that Infolinks will do a quick analysis of your website pages to determine what the content is about and it will then select words on your page and either double underline or dotted underline them so that they appear as a link to any of your visitors.

Once someone scrolls over any of these links, a pop-up will appear and then your visitor will be presented with a relevant advertisement.

Apart from these in-text links, there are also ad blocks that you can use where Infolinks will display related tags to your content as well as a tag cloud ad block so you have some choice when it comes to the different display ads that you can choose from.

There’s also a search widget that Infolinks displays and this usually is positioned at the bottom of your screen so that when someone moves their cursor over it they are presented with a new display and can choose from a few different options (advertisements).

One of the main drawbacks when using Infolinks is that a lot of people think that it looks kind of spammy and the link integration definitely isn’t the best compared to some of the other networks, although it’s still a viable alternative to AdSense.

Keep in mind that there is an application process that you will have to go through and if you have poor or thin content then it’s very likely that your website will not be approved, so it’s a good idea to apply with a well-developed website or blog.



Chitika is another digital advertising network that I have heard quite a bit about and these days they’re working with more than 350,000 different publishers so it’s quite an expansive network overall.

Every month more than four billion targeted ads are served and the network has a few different high-level advertising partners such as HomeAdvisor, Supermedia, and even Yahoo.

Websites that get the majority of their traffic from organic search are going to see the best results with Chitika and this is because the ads that are served are search targeted so that your website visitors are going to see highly relevant advertisements.

Unfortunately, if you’re getting visitors from other forms of traffic such as social media or direct, the ads are going to be much more generic and will have a focus of the content of your website rather than based on previous search terms that the visitor is using.

For that type of traffic you’re definitely going to want to check out some of the other ad networks, but otherwise Chitika is a great network that you should consider working with.

When it comes to getting paid, payments are thankfully available by PayPal and there is just a $10 minimum payout so if you have a high traffic website you won’t have any problems getting paid nearly right away.

Interestingly enough, Chitika actually has their own affiliate program and this is just another way that you can split up your income rather than relying strictly on display ads.


buy sell ads

BuySellAds is unique because the way they work is by selling advertising space on your actual website to specific advertisers directly.

There is a pretty thorough approval process you have to go through once you submit your website to BuySellAds and they take a look at a variety of different factors including your inbound link count, your PageRank, your Alexa score, and other traffic based metrics to determine the quality of your site.

With BuySellAds you can actually set a price of what you think of the advertising space on your website is worth but you want to make sure that you don’t price too high or else you won’t find anybody interested in displaying ads with you.

There are a variety of different ad types to choose from including display, text ads, image plus text, email newsletters, and even background takeovers, so you have a little bit of a variety depending on the content on your website and the ads that you want to try out.

To get accepted with BuySellAds you must be currently receiving a minimum of 100,000 page views every month and your website has to be written in English.

When it comes to earnings, you earn 75% of the revenue that the advertisements on your website bring in, and this is pretty big especially if you’re working in a higher quality niche.

Keep in mind that you have to own the domain that you apply to BuySellAds with and it must be self hosted so you can’t be using or anything like that.

Check out this in-depth BuySellAds review for a better look at this network.

Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media

For those of you that have a website that currently gets more than 500,000 page views every month you’re going to want to consider going with Vibrant Media even if you’re currently happy with AdSense.

This is a popular ad network that works almost exclusively with premium advertisers and is able to offer better CPC rates for individuals with popular websites that are driving a lot of traffic every month.

There is a very rigorous application process because of the higher-quality advertisers that they work with as well as the better payouts, so if you’re applying for Vibrant Media you must make sure that you have a high-quality website with legitimate backlinks, plenty of traffic, and well written content.

The different ads that get displayed are done by Vibrant Media’s own IntelliTXT technology that actually crawls the different pages on your website and displays ads that are relevant to the different keywords and phrases that it finds most often.

The way the advertisements work is by these specific keywords and phrases getting underlined and when a visitor hovers over the link an interactive pop-up will be displayed for them.

Apart from these in-text links you can also choose from display and in-image ads as well.

Despite having a difficult approval process to get through, this is definitely a network that you’re going to want to consider working with if you want to make more money with display advertisements and deal with higher-quality advertisers.



I usually see VigLink on lower quality sites but if you have a great website or blog that you’re looking to monetize then you can also consider using them as an alternative to Google AdSense.

The way that VigLink works is by converting different words and phrases in your content into affiliate links that people can click on and then continue on to buy something.

There are more than 32,000 different affiliate merchants that are currently supported and if someone does buy something through one of the links you can earn up to 50% of the total commission.

This is a great network if you have a website or blog that reviews or covers physical products and it’s also something to consider if you’ve been banned from the Amazon Affiliate program and are still hoping to make money through your website.

Getting approved is really easy and you can start using VigLink once your email address has been verified so there isn’t any big hassle to start using it.



SkimLinks is an ad network similar to VigLink.

It works the same way, using a collection of different affiliate networks where the links will be displayed on the text on your website and you earn a percentage of the commission from sales that people make after visiting your site and clicking through these links to buy something.

This can be a good idea if you have an e-commerce based site or if you cover a lot of different products regularly with your content.

I know that there are also quite a few people that switch to using SkimLinks after getting banned from the Amazon Affiliate program so if that’s the case for you then you might want to consider using it.

Signing up and going through the application process is very straightforward and as long as you have some decent traffic then you can easily monetize your content and make some money.

Ad Maven

Ad Maven

Lately Ad Maven has really grown in popularity and it features a wide range of different monetization methods that you can use on your websites.

More than 500 million full page ad impressions are served every day and with Ad Maven you’re immediately approved right after you register with the platform.

The way that ads are presented to your visitors is by Ad Maven identifying the topic of the content on your website and providing users with highly targeted advertisements which leads to more clicks and better engagement overall.

Another feature that I find interesting is that they take advantage of a unique bypass solution for Adblock and this helps to make it so that ads are displayed to a higher amount of your visitors, which results in more revenue in the long run.



For a lot of websites AdBuff is a great choice because they’re able to consistently outperform the earnings that you’ll typically get from AdSense on the same amount of traffic.

The reason for this is because this is a real-time bidding platform and this means that Google has to directly compete with other online advertisers for your ability to monetize your content using AdBuff.

The result of this is that website owners, bloggers, and other online publishers are able to enjoy earning one of the highest RPMs available across some of the most popular advertisement networks online.

What’s great is that you can also use AdBuff at the same time that you’re using AdSense advertisements so you can really make a lot of money from the same amount of traffic without having to worry about CPC and other metrics.

Just like with some of the other more popular and higher-paying networks, AdBuff does have a pretty strict approval process and currently the only accept publishers that get at least 2,000 unique visitors every day with traffic coming mostly from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

It can take up to a week to get approved and if you happen to make it through the approval process you can enjoy a $25 bonus just for signing up.



For those of you with any websites getting more than 50,000 page views every month, you’re going to want to consider going with Adversal if you’re looking for an alternative to Google AdSense.

Approvals happen quite quickly but if you’re hoping to apply to be a publisher with Adversal you’re going to want to make sure that your website or blog meets all of the requirements so that you have the best chance of getting approved.

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a range of different banner sizes and advertisement types that you can choose from and it’s a good idea to do some split testing to see which types work the best with your content.

When it comes to getting paid, there is a minimum payment with Adversal of $20 and you can choose to get paid by PayPal if that’s what you prefer.

One more feature that makes this a good network to go with is that it comes with an affiliate program so that you can also earn a little bit of money on the side by recommending it as a network to other people.



BidVertiser pays out on both advertisement clicks as well as conversions and this allows you to make money in more than just one way from your visitors.

Depending on your preferences, there are a few different types of display ads available to choose from such as text ads, mobile ads, slider ads, and of course banner ads.

As a publisher, you’re able to use a point-and-click building tool for the different advertisements that you want displayed and this really helps for you to customize the look and appearance of your ads so that they blend in the best way with your website theme and content.

When it comes to getting paid, BidVertiser offers monthly payments with PayPal, check, or money wire and there is a minimum payout of just $10 if you choose to get paid with PayPal.

One of the main drawbacks to using this network is that they use a bidding system for advertisers so that each advertiser bids on the ad placement as well as the different sites that they want their ads to be displayed on.

This means that it could take a little bit of time for advertisers to actually find your website and start bidding on the different ad spots that you have available so don’t get discouraged right away if it takes a little bit of time to start making some money.



If you’re looking to start using pop-under ad delivery as a way of monetization then you might want to consider going with PopAds.

This network actually boasts that a website that gets just 1000 unique visitors every day is going to earn $4 for that amount of traffic and this is pretty good considering the industry average is just $1 per 1000 page views.

In the settings, you can actually select a minimum bid that you want to accept from different advertisers and you can also choose a frequency that you want these pop-under ads to be displayed so you don’t have to annoy your website visitors every time they visit your site.

Payments can be requested at any time that you want and as long as you’re earning $5 per day or more you can choose to get paid every day if you wanted to.

The approval process is quick and straightforward so as long as you have a quality site with good content then you’ll have no problems getting approved and making money.

PropellerAds Media

 PropellerAds Media

Although PropellerAds Media specializes in pop-under advertisements, it’s still possible to use standard banner ads, in-banner video ads, and even on-click ads if you sign up with this network.

Depending on what you’re looking to use, it’s also possible to use sliders, sponsored links, and a few other formats as well.

This is a good network to go with if you have a niche that gets a lot of traffic and it’s especially well-suited for niches such as gambling, software, finance, dating, and even general entertainment.

Unlike with AdSense, PropellerAds Media actually has some great ad fill rates when it comes to countries from the tier 2 and 3 levels that typically don’t pay out so well with most networks.

This is especially something to consider if you’re getting a lot of traffic from places like South Africa, Asia, and even India and you want to capitalize on the traffic that you’re getting in a better way than AdSense has to offer.

Affiliate Marketing: Possibly the Best Alternative?

amazon affiliate program

Rather than relying on display ads as a blog monetization method, you might want to consider ditching the ads entirely and going with affiliate marketing instead.

In case you’re not too sure, affiliate marketing is basically when you earn a commission from promoting and making a sale of a product or service on your website.

There is a huge range of different affiliate marketing programs to choose from and commissions typically start around the 4% to 10% range and can scale all the up to to 75% or more depending on what you’re promoting.

For many bloggers looking to make a living from blogging this means that you don’t need nearly as much traffic to make the same, if not more money compared to Adsense and other display ads.

Many of the programs, such as the very popular Amazon Associates affiliate program, boast a much higher conversion rate compared to clicks  you would get for ads.

With a 1% to 2% CTR being the norm for ads, even if you got the same with an affiliate product or service you would likely earn more money from a single customer.

If you’re looking for any programs to check out I recommend taking a look at:

Final Thoughts

I recommend taking a look at my guide on how to increase Adsense earnings before you switch over to a new network entirely.

You  can also take a look at the post I wrote on how to make $100 per day with Adsense to try to scale your current earnings to something that you’re more able to profit from.

It could be that a push in the right direction to help you make more money with the network you’re currently using might be all you need.

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