How to Display 100 Results in Google

google on a smartphone

Knowing how to display 100 results in Google really helps to make things easier when you’re browsing the search engine results looking for something specific.

It can be a pain to browse the top 10 results, not find anything, do the same for the next page, and continue on by clicking next or the numbers at the bottom.

Especially for internet marketers like us it’s a lot easier to be able to quickly browse through the top 100 Google results to find what we’re looking for.

Getting Google to display 100 results at a time is actually really easy and shouldn’t take more than one or two minutes to implement so that you can start taking advantage of more efficient searching.

How to Get 100 Google Search Results at a Time

To start you just want to head over to Google and then click on the “Settings” option right below the search bar.

getting into the search settings on google

On the drop-down menu click on “Search settings” and you’ll be presented with a few different  settings that you can change.

Here you’re going to want to take a look for “Google Instant Predictions” and select “Never show instant results”.

options for search results settings

Underneath that you should see a sliding menu for “Results per page”.

To have Google display 100 results at a time simply move the slider over to 100.

When you’ve done that scroll to the bottom and click on the big blue Save button to make sure that your settings are saved for the future.

save google settings

Keep in mind that these search result settings are only going to apply when you’re logged into your own Google account and if you’re using an incognito window or a different computer then you might not be able to have 100 results displayed by default.

Using 100 Results

Now that you have 100 results displayed at a time for your Google results you can now browse the results more effectively without having to click through to another page.

You can also use this method to quickly check your Google ranking of your website or specific blog post/piece of content.

To do this you’re just going to want to search for your target keyword using and then just hit Ctrl+F to see if your domain shows up anywhere in the top 100 results.

Being able to quick scan the top 100 Google results is also going to help you find out if your site is indexed.

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