The Best Facebook Groups for Online Marketing and Social Media

I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for the best Facebook groups for social media marketing and online marketing that I can join to increase the visibility of my website and build relationships with like minded bloggers and Internet marketers.

Joining and interacting in different groups on Facebook will help you to better connect with other people making money online as well as promote your own blog or website to people that are actually interested in what you you’re writing about.

This is a great way to increase your traffic as well and improve visibility overall so that you can reach a wider audience.

Along with Facebook, there are some other good online communities and social networks that you can participate in such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

The problem with finding good communities that have high engagement is that there are so many different groups and pages created every day that it can be pretty hard to find ones that are actually worth joining.  

There are a lot of people just joining random groups because they have a lot of members or are they just looking for free information rather than taking the time to contribute anything useful.

Fundamentally, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s a lot smarter to join groups that you’re actually going to benefit from where the community participates and interacts with one another regularly.

In this post, I decided that I want to share with you some of the best groups on Facebook for  online marketing and social media that I have found to have good engagement levels and that you can join to get more targeted traffic to your blog or website.

The Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs, Social Media, and Digital Marketing

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Before I share my list of different groups, let’s take a look at some information about Facebook groups themselves, what they are, and how you can benefit from them.

What is a Facebook Group?

The groups that are created and that you can join on Facebook act as a place where you can communicate with other Facebook users about interests that you all share.

In these groups you can talk about anything that you want with the other users, share stories or tactics, cover different techniques that you use, post your own content, and just build relationships with like minded individuals.

These days, there are probably hundreds of thousands of different groups on Facebook and it’s possible to join one related to just about any topic that you could come up with. 

Why Should Someone Create a Group?

Since there are so many groups out there, a lot of people don’t think that there’s any reason to create another Facebook group related to their own topics of interest.

However, there are quite a few benefits of having and being in charge of your own group.

These benefits include things like:  

  • You have the ability to decide who is able to join the group as well as the type of content that members can share
  • As the administrator, everybody that joins is going to know that you made the group and from the start of this puts you in a position of authority
  • It’s a lot easier to build relationships with the other group members if you’re the person that created it
  • Having your own group is a great way to promote your own blog or website as well as develop your brand awareness
  • It’s a lot easier for you to share your own content without having to follow any strict guidelines or hope that you’re not bothering somebody by posting too much

Different Types of Groups

On Facebook there are a few different types of groups that you can join, each of which has their own privacy settings that users need to abide to.

Public Groups

Public groups are just that, completely open to the public, and this means that anybody using Facebook can join the group, see the current members, and also see all of the different posts.

There are hardly any requirements for joining public groups and these are usually the most popular because it takes just one click to join and there is never really that much administration going on when it comes to who’s allowed in. 

Closed Groups 

Closed groups offer a bit more privacy compared to public groups and the main difference is that only members are able to see the posts on the group page.

However, anybody using Facebook is able to search for and look the group up and they can also see all of the members without joining.

To join the group, you actually have to apply and an administrator decides whether or not you’ll be allowed in.

Secret Groups

Secret groups are the most private type of Facebook group and in order to get into one, an administrator or a member of the group has to invite you personally.

The group itself as well as the posts in it are only visible by group members and it also doesn’t show up in Facebook search results, so it’s basically impossible to find unless you already know about it or get invited. 

Why You Should Join Facebook Groups as a Blogger or Website Owner

It doesn’t matter if you have a brand new website or one that’s already developed, joining Facebook groups should definitely be included in your social media strategy.

There are plenty of reasons why it’s a good idea to join them.

With so many different groups available to choose from, you can really find specific ones where all of the members are definitely interested in the type of content that you’re creating.

This makes it a lot easier to find targeted followers or or even possible customers, depending on what you’re promoting and what you’re hoping to achieve with your site or blog.

Most of the best Facebook groups for entrepreneurs are free to join and once you’re in them you can interact with your target audience without having to spend any money or do any research.

This interaction is a lot more personal compared to things like display advertising and participating often in groups really helps you to build relationships with other individuals in the same niche that you’re in.

All of this interaction and promotion is going to help you get more website traffic as well as increase brand awareness and visibility, all of which you can benefit from.

How to Find Facebook Groups That You Can Join

Although I do have a list of great Facebook groups down below, you can also try to find your own groups to join that might be a lot more specific to your interests or Internet marketing/social media goals.

Step 1 – Use the Facebook Search Bar

group search bar

One of the easiest ways to find different groups that are relevant to your interests is to use the Facebook search bar at the top of the homepage.

All you need to do is just search for any keywords related to your topic or do a search for a specific industry, depending on who you’re looking to connect with online.

For example, you can do a broad search for something like “blogging” or a more specific search for something like “making money blogging”, and you will find a wide range of different groups that you can join.

Step 2 – Discover Groups from the Sidebar

discovering new groups on facebook to join

If you used the search feature and nothing relevant came up, you’re going to want to head to the discover section for groups that you can access from the sidebar.

On the left sidebar on your home page on Facebook, look underneath the “Explore” section and click on the “Groups” link.

This will bring you to a page where you can browse through a wide range of different groups and you might also be able to find some good ones to join here.

I have actually found quite a few decent groups with this method and it’s effective because not everybody is going to use the right keywords or industry selection when they’re making their own group.

Step 3 – Quickly Analyze and Groups You Want to Join

Instead of just joining any group that you come across, it’s a good idea to quickly take a look at the group to see if it’s going to be a good fit for you and your interests.

Basically, you just want to take a look at the description, the homepage if you can, and check out some of the members.

What you want to look for is any activity and a lot of engagement because it’s better to join a group where people are interacting with one another and engaging on a regular basis rather than one that’s quiet that you won’t benefit from joining.

Step 4 – Join the Group

Once you have decided that there is a specific group that you want to join, it’s time to actually join the Facebook group and start participating in any discussions going on.

Joining is really easy, and all you need to do is click on the green “Join” button if you want to get in.

Depending on the group, you might get accepted immediately or you might have to wait for an administrator to accept your joining application.

Keep in mind that some groups might have a few different requirements so it’s possible that you have to fill out a response to some questions or reply to a direct message from the administrator.

Should You Join a lot of Groups?

I know that some people apply to join as many different groups as they can find, but this doesn’t really make any sense unless you’re going to be actively participating on a regular basis.

When you’re first starting to join different groups, it’s a good idea to join just a few specific ones that you think you might benefit from being a member of, and avoiding joining as many that you can.

It’s a lot better to be in a few groups that people are active in where you can share your content and learn from others, rather than being in a large number of groups that are just a waste of your time.

Personally, I think being in about 10 to 30 different groups is a good 10 to 30 different groups is a good amount for most people because you’re still able to participate and interact with other members while taking advantage of a larger and relevant audience without stretching yourself too thin.

The Best Groups on Facebook for Bloggers, Social Media Experts, and Marketers

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So you finally made it to my list of the top Facebook groups for social media marketing, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and anybody else looking to grow their website.

I’m a member of all of the groups down below and I only recommend them because they have great engagement levels and knowledgeable members that you can actually learn from.

These aren’t super large groups by any means, and I think it’s a lot better to be in a smaller group where you can take advantage of more engagement and personal interaction, rather than a larger group where no one pays attention to you.

There is no general order to the list below and I recommend joining each of them to see for yourself if they’re a group you enjoy being a part of or if you’re looking for something more. Private Mastermind Group (37,000 members)

This is a private Facebook group run by Stuart over at

It’s quite active with a good mix of beginners as well as more advanced level Internet marketers and most of the discussion focuses on niche marketing, affiliate marketing, and generally how to make money online.

Blogging Boost (26,00 members)

This is a group where you can connect with other bloggers, share your latest content for promotion, and get a better idea of working online by interacting with people that are already making a living from it.

Blogging Newbs (15,000 members)

This group is great for both beginner and professional bloggers and there is a lot of daily interaction covering a wide range of blogging and making money online related topics.

Freedom Hackers (42,000 members)

This is a group related to entrepreneurship and it’s a great place to interact with other entrepreneurs whether you are looking to grow your business or just meet people with the entrepreneurial mindset.

Despite being such a large group, the interaction and engagement levels are pretty decent so it’s a good place to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Screw the Nine to Five Community (44,000 members)

This is a group dedicated to helping people out that want to quit working at a 9 to 5 job and transition into a digital nomad or make money online lifestyle.

There is quite a bit of interaction and it’s a big group so there is a lot of opportunities to meet and engage with like minded individuals.

Online Business BFFs

This is a great Facebook group for entrepreneurs and digital creators.

It was created by Melyssa Griffin, a popular female blogger, and it’s a great place to meet other entrepreneurs and people looking to take their online business to the next level.

Social Boss (18,000 members)

This is a great group to join if you’re hoping to create your own Facebook group and grow it into something worthwhile.

There is a lot of support here for anybody looking to move forward with social media marketing and interact with other people looking to do the same.

The Badass Solopreneur Society (5,200 members)

This is group is all about solo entrepreneurs and there is a lot of interaction because it’s a much more smaller, but highly engaged group of people.

If you’re starting your own business or branching out into Internet marketing on your own then you definitely going to want to consider joining this group.

Become a Social Media Manager (7,100 members)

For anybody that wants to become a social media manager or learn more about social media marketing, this is the group for you.

How to Use Facebook Groups Effectively

Make Sure to Read the Rules

Before joining any groups, and also right after joining as a quick primer, it’s a good idea to go through the different rules that use group has just to make sure that you don’t accidentally break any or get banned by accident.

Some groups are really strict when it comes to self promotion and what you’re able to post, while others are a lot more lenient and carefree when it comes to posting content and links to outside sources.

Introduce Yourself

The best way to make a great first impression whenever you join a new group is to introduce  yourself right away and to share a little bit of information about who you are and what your Internet marketing or entrepreneur goals are.

This helps you to stand out from the people that just join and start posting random links, and it also shows to the moderators and other members that you’re a passionate individual.

Don’t Post too Much

The worst thing you can do when you join a new group is to post a bunch of content all at once without any reason or description.

I see a lot of people posting links to their own websites and just leaving without interacting with anybody else, or even interacting to comments on their own post.

When it seems relevant, don’t hesitate to post your own content, but otherwise you should try to interact and engage with the other group members before you start sharing links to your own site.

Make Sure What you Share is Good

When you do happen to share your own content, make sure it’s the best content that you can write and avoid sharing anything that you’re not proud of or that doesn’t provide value to the other group members.

A great way to get more traffic to your blog posts or website, and to also guarantee that you have good engagement, is to post high quality content that other people want to read.

Interact with Everyone

It doesn’t matter whether you just joined the group or you’ve already been in it for a while now, always take the time and make the effort to interact with all of the other group members that participate on a regular basis.

Not only should you be interacting with the administrators but it’s also a good idea to engage with anybody else in the group that you see regularly posting content and answering comments as well.

This is really going to help get you noticed by all of the other group members and this can lead to more opportunities than if you just posted something and ignored everybody else.

Stay on Top of Your Notifications

Checking your notifications regularly is going to let you know any time that you’re mentioned in a comment reply as well as informing you when there is any interaction going on in your posts or on posts you already commented on.

You don’t have to go nuts checking your notifications every 20 minutes, but periodically through the day make sure to check to see if there’s anything going on in the different groups that you’re participating in.

Answer All the Comments You Get

An effective way at becoming more visible in the group and developing relationships with a wider range of different people is to always answer comments that people leave on your posts as well as on other posts where you commented.

By doing this you can build yourself up as an authority on the subject that the group is about and people will start coming to you for help or looking up to you as a more respectable group member.


Self promotion is only a problem when that’s all you do it can be easily avoided if you participate in the groups that you’re in and add value on a regular basis by posting links to helpful content that isn’t your own, replying to people’s posts, leaving comments, and liking other posts.

It doesn’t take that much time to participate regularly and even if you just set aside a few minutes each day that’s definitely enough to get noticed.

After joining a new group and participating regularly, you can start posting your own content without having to worry about it getting taken down or getting kicked out of the group for too much self promotion.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, I’ve provided you with a decent list of some of the best Facebook groups for bloggers, entrepreneurs, social media marketers, and anyone looking to break into the Internet marketing world.

Regardless of your niche, Facebook groups are great for interacting with like minded individuals and also driving traffic to your blog or website.

I have a great time interacting and engaging with other people in the different groups I’m in and I’ve been fortunate enough to develop quite a few long lasting relationships with fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Are you in any other groups that I didn’t mention that you want to share?

Feel free to mention any groups in the comment down below and I’ll be sure to add them to my list if I think they’re worth it for other people to join!

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